Saturday, February 11, 2006

Fashion Week, Wrap Up


(image via popwatch)

Says Entertainment Weekly's Popwatch, "After a week of mostly C-listers and fur-trimmed socialites (what exactly is Helen Lee Schrifter famous for again?), an honest-to-goodness movie star has finally graced New York Fashion Week: Uma Thurman showed up to support Zac Posen at his Bryant Park show."


Mena Suvari and Ashley Olsen at the Calvin Klein afterparty at Morimoto (image via NYMetro)

According to Style:

"'I'm just crashing the party, as it were,' confessed Alan Cumming at the Thursday night Calvin Klein soir�e at Morimoto. 'I didn't go to the show, but I'm having a lovely time catching up with people.' Other friends of the front row who had missed that afternoon's well-received collection included Ashley Olsen and Mena Suvari (sporting one of the company's spring frocks, natch), both of whom popped in to say hi to designer Francisco Costa. Uma Thurman, fresh from Zac Posen's fall show, sat in a corner of the Tadao Ando-designed eatery with Amy Sacco, hiding from lurking photographers.

"... Posen couldn't be kept from letting loose on the dance floor, repeating last season's girls-gone-wild grinding session with celebrity galpals Nicky Hilton and those sultry Schnabel sisters, Stella and Lola. Joining in the rambunctious rump-shaking: social darlings Tinsley Mortimer, Fabiola Beracasa, and Eleanor Ylvisaker, as well as, more surprisingly, Claire Danes. Usually a model of restraint, the actress did a fairly impressive impersonation of a professional cha-cha dancer."

Go, Clare Danes shake that ... well, she doesn't really have any "arroz con pollo" in the trunk, but ... you do your thing Clare Danes, you .. do ... your thing.

And, at Christie's, according to FashionWeekDaily:

"To some, Offspring is just a band. Not to hauterflies, who clamored to Christie�s last night in search of their favorite fashion children: Margherita Missoni, Bee Shaffer, Lola Schnabel and sister Stella, and the man of the hour himself, Zac Posen, flanked by mom Susan and dad Stephen (sister Alexandra was chatting it up with Claire Danes).

"... So was Nicky Hilton�of lip-gloss withdrawal. The frosted blonde spent portions of the dinner trading makeup and cigarettes in the bathroom with Tinsley Mortimer and Camilla Al-Fayed, who seems poised to be the next Carine. �I�m just obsessed with it all,� she said of the fashion world. 'Editorial, shooting it, styling it, selling it�I would really like to do everything, and I�m young, so I think eventually, I can.'

"Fabiola Beracasa thinks she can, too. The vintage-obsessed firebomb introduced Camilla to The Daily as 'really just one of the best' before Brandon Davis whisked her away to join a small posse of handsome male guests."

They should have prefaced Brandon Davis with the term "bloated oil heir," because, well, he is.


Camilla Al-Fayed and bloated oil heir Brandon Davis. (image via fashionweekdaily via patrickmcmullen)

Finally, aslo from style:

"In an impromptu VIP corner, funnyman Mike Myers held court while Winona Ryder and Giovanni Ribisi stood locked in deep conversation, and Weisz and Amy Adams discussed the upcoming Academy Awards (each has been nominated)."

One can imagine the floetry between these two intellectual bantamweights:

Giovanni: Winona, Have you seen my career? I think I lost it somewhere after "The Mod Squad remake.
Winona: Uh, no. Wait. What was that you asked me?
Giovani: I don't remember.

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