Friday, February 24, 2006

Jade Jagger Aint What She Used to Be


(image via starduster)

You'll remember Jade Jagger, the woman whose libidinal urges were too much for the wimpy Pharell Williams. And how fucking hot was that?

There was once a time when the Jagger name accrued all sorts of fringe bennies. And some of those benefits actually involved legal acts. Not so much anymore. At least if the name Jade precedes the Jagger. Perhaps all the new dusky-colored Jaggers popping up around the globe are thinning out the Jaggerjuice? According to the 3AMGirls:

"SEEMS Jade Jagger isn't the A-list star she likes to make out she is.

"The posh jewellery designer called award organisers just hours before the bash was due to begin demanding a couple of seats for the ceremony.

"Jade, daughter of Rolling Stones rocker Sir Mick, was told in no uncertain terms that she have one ticket for herself and would have to make do with some tickets for the afterparty."

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