Monday, February 27, 2006

Infinity Radio's David Lee Roth-mare


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We always thought that investing a reported $4 million in David Lee Roth was a gigantic fuck-up for Infitnity Radio. As volatile as she is, Courtney Love would have been a far better choice (and, at the very least, infused with a far better brand of Hollywood gossip). Because of the negativity surrounding his departure -- re: Infinity keeping the masters of his radioshow tapes -- Howard Stern is getting involved on-air in the behind-the-scenes meltdown at 923FreeFm.

There's no secret that David Lee Roth is a disruptive presence on Infinity Radio's 92.3FreeFM. His nude studio poster of Gisele Bundchen -- covered only, reportedly, by a strip of tape -- has been called, by 92.3FM's Chris Booker as "low rent."

Now, David Lee Roth's tumultuous tenure at Infinity Radio is getting more complicated by a screaming match with his boss. According to Marksfriggin:

"Howard said that he has moved on but Infinity Broadcasting hasn't. He said that they're giving him a hard time but he can't talk about that right now. He said he will talk about it in the future though. Howard went on to talk about how his show helped make Viacom/Infinity Broadcasting what they became. He said he wants them to leave him the F alone but they're still doing stuff to him that seems pretty personal to him.

"He said that all hell is breaking loose over at the company from what his guys hear. He said that David Lee Roth and Mark Chernoff were screaming at each other chest to chest from what he heard. Mark is a little guy from what Howard said. The whole new format of the old station, FreeFM, is like Howard Stern knock-offs and he feels he gave them enough in return over the years.

"Howard said that David Lee Roth was upset that they're putting someone else on in place of him while he's on vacation. Howard said that the guy has only been there about a month and he's already taking a weeks vacation. Howard said he's so into this new job of his that he's not taking a week long vacation this month like he could have."

The putting of an untested David Lee Roth on a number one market in the morning to replace Howard Stern may end up as the all-time worst radio programming decision ever. EVER.

That having been said, we absolutely love -- and recommend -- the new Jake and Jackie Show (podcast here)

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Jimmy Jimson said...
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Jimmy Jimson said...

"The putting of an untested David Lee Roth on a number one market in the morning to replace Howard Stern"

That says it all. You really don't even have to speak the language to not only know it's a bad decision, but to make a better one as well. Hmm, where am I gonna look? How about Radio!?

I like Jake and Jackie, but is it up tempo enough for that slot?