Monday, February 06, 2006

Daisy Wright: "(Jude Law's) Not Small at All"


Jude and Daisy, which stands for "Da Inner Soul, Y'all" . (image via newsoftheworld)

You'll remember Daisy Wright: The Jude Law Nanny. (Exageerated cough suggesting feigned detachment) Living in the fifty ninth second of her 15th minute of fame (Averted Gaze), the Nanny strikes back at Sienna's threat that she'd better watch herself. Miller gives, for good measure, new details on her time 'neath the sheets with Jude Law. According to the extremely downmarket Newsoftheworld:

"... Now furious Daisy, whose fling with boss Jude was torpedoed last summer when one of his kids caught them in bed, has confessed to us: 'I'm shocked at Sienna and couldn't believe how vicious her comments were. She should look at herself and ask WHY Jude was cheating on her.

"'Maybe I was giving him something she couldn't. If he went looking for sex elsewhere, maybe he wasn't getting the sex he wanted at home."

Oh, it's on like Grey Poupon. Nanny's getting heezy ..


(image via newsoftheworld)

"'What (Sienna Miller) said was obviously a threat of violence. Don't people get arrested for that kind of thing?

"She's just an immature party girl who wants to go nightclubbing and get drunk with her mates ... I still love him passionately. I think he was the man for me�the man I could have settled down and had children with. I don't want to go out partying. I just want the same things Jude does. "

A hit movie? An Oscar? Respect from Chris Rock?

"...'I didn't flirt with Jude or lead him on, he came on to me. And if Sienna cares to think back to all the rows they had she'll know their relationship was over a long time ago."

"...'I was in America with Jude last spring, looking after his children while he was filming All The King's Men,' she told us. 'I heard him having a heated row on the phone to Sienna. We were in separate rooms that night but I could hear his raised, angry voice and I had to go and see if he was OK.

She had to go, readers; she ... had to --uh -- go ... (The Corsair snatches up some popcorn, rolls into the fetal position and continues to read)

"When I knocked on the door he said, �Come on in, honey.'

(The Corsair turns on some Luther Vandross ..)

"Jude was laid on the bed with all his scripts around him but he beckoned me over, sat up and pulled me onto him.

"'I sat on his knee with my legs around his waist and he asked if I was having trouble sleeping.

"... Then we lay down together and slowly, gently started to make love to each other.

"'Jude looked me in the eyes the entire time, stroked my face and told me, I adore being with you, you are my perfect woman. It felt so right having sex with this man who I admired so much...not for his acting but his devotion as a dad and as a caring person.

"He never stopped smiling."

The end credit SNL smile? That smile he lavished on viewers as Ashlee Simpson withered under the network lights?

"'He's not small at all,' she smiled. 'Jude was blessed by God down below. He's a gorgeous man. Sex with him was amazing. It wasn't easy finding the time to be together, because of his work and obviously the children being around, but at least twice a week we'd find somewhere.

"But it wasn't just the sex. We had fun too. I remember one night in America we'd spent the night in. I'd cooked lasagne for dinner and he'd had a bottle of beer.

Classy. The "Nanny ass," we imagine, was for desert. (Averted Gaze) We can be sure that the "wild, frantic sex" she is quotes as having had later on, where she claims Jude had," fantastic stamina" was concluded, dramatically, with a lusty beer-belch and some robust beta-male chest thumping.

The full, filthy -- and we do mean filthy --story here.

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