Wednesday, February 01, 2006

"The Jayster" Feted at 21


(image via NYSocialdiary)

Of the 80s literary Brat Pack: Social butterfly Tama Janowitz has dissolved into a serene Brooklyn domesticity; Brett Easton Ellis has squandered away any remaining intellectual capital (A motherfucking Terby, Brett?); but Jay McInerney, alone, is still conjuring gleaming gems out of thin air for the sophisticated, style-conscious urbanite.

Michiko Kakutani of the Times gave McInerney's latest jewel a mixed review, faulting his construction of social satire. Jennifer Reese of Entertainment Weekly trashed it. (The Corsair gingerly sparks a Cohiba Romeo y Julieta Vintage #5) Benjamin Lytal of the Sun liked the book and the social satire.

The Jayster was feted at "21." According to our favorite social chronicler, David Patrick Columbia, of NYSocialDiary:

"Last night upstairs at '21,' Anne Hearst hosted a book party for her friend Jay McInerney and the publication of his seventh novel The Good Life.

"... Last night�s party was full of bold-faced names and full of novels yet to be written (along with a few biographies for the not-so-fainthearted). The place was mobbed with friends, fans and book party veterans (and so was the restaurant down below).

"At the party: Anne Hearst was there, naturally, along with her once so famous sister Patty and Patty�s beautiful daughter Gillian, and husband Bernie Shaw. The Hearst girls wear their name and now legendary wealth like a comfortable old jacket and they are always fun to be around because nothing is required but good company.

"In the mix: ... Uma Thurman and Andre Balasz, Martha Stewart, Lorraine Bracco, Moby, Judy Taubman ... Jimmy Finkelstein who came with Judith Giuliani ... Michael Gross whispering the latest dish into the ear of the always listening Dominick Dunne, Richard Johnson and Sessa von Richtofen ... Georgette Mosbacher ... Steven and Kimberly Rockefeller ... George Rush, Eddie Hayes, Charles and Bonnie Evans."

The full story -- and the full list of boldfacers -- here.

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