Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Little of the Old In and Out


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In: Meredith Vieira. This week it's all about Meredith Vieira, with her older woman "sessiness" and "60 Minutes" hard-boiled news experience. According to Medialife:

"Here's one way to look at things. This may be the last time Meredith Vieira gets a shot at a Daytime Emmy. Come next year, if you believe the lastest gossip, she could well be up for a News Emmy instead.

"Vieira yesterday received two Daytime Emmy nominations, one for best host in the game show category as host of the syndicated series 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' and another in the talk show category as a co-host of ABC's 'The View.' At the least, the nominations give Vieira a way to dodge the question she�s been getting all week: Will she succeed NBC co-host Katie Couric on the 'Today' show if Couric should leave to join CBS to anchor the nightly news?

"The 'Today' rumor began flying Tuesday morning. By afternoon it had been picked up by CNN Headline News� 'Showbiz Tonight.' When a reporter asked Vieira if it was true, she proceeded to offer the lamest non-denial denial since Al Michaels said he was sticking with 'Monday Night Football':'You know, I'm very flattered. Um, but I don't know who, where was saying that or why they're saying that, or any of that. You know our contracts are up in August, so I don't know what's going to happen.'

"The 'Today' rumor picked up further momentum when NBC confirmed that Couric will not be hosting the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies tomorrow, as she usually does."


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Out: Fucking Hasselhoff. As good a week as this is for Meredith Vieira it was as bad a week for David Hasselhoff. (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment) We hate to "Hassel-the-Hoff," especially when, according to Whoopie Goldberg (As told to Kathy Griffith), he is in possession of something called "Hasselhoff money." Hasselhoff Money, we imagine, is somewhat less than "Oprah Money," but significantly more than, say, "Kirstie Alley Cash."

That having been said: Something clearly needs to be said about our favorite celebrity with a massive "Jughead." Aside from filing for divorce he came up with the most awful film idea ever -- the resurrection of "Baywatch." (Averted Gaze). According to TheDailyRecord:

"GOOD news for connoisseurs of quality, well-scripted drama, aficionados of fine acting, and fans of jiggly bits... Baywatch is definitely coming back.

"So says David Hasselhoff, who has confirmed that he is pressing ahead with his plans to bring the beach series to the big screen.

"The movie, though, will feature Pamela Anderson and the rest of the old guard mostly in cameo roles. 'For the main cast,' he says, 'they want to go with a whole new crop of hotties.'

"This version will be different in other ways, too. Hasselhoff, who spent 11 years as Mitch, adds: 'It will be set in different locations around the world. There will be lifeguards who are also sent on crime-busting sprees.'"

(A considerable pause) The idea is stale. Pam Anderson is a film jinx. We hope Hasselhoff emerges from the divorce funk with a clearer head and does. Not. Move. Forward. On. This!!


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In: Richard Johnson. The Corsair met Richard Johnson, briefly, at a Taki dinner party at Elaine's in the late 90s. In attendance was a Rothschild, Chris Buckley, Michael Mailer and a lot of hott model-types. Someone -- clueless -- asked who Richard was and, without a beat, I said, "Richard Johnson," to which Johnson elegantly half-bowed in my direction. He's old school like that.

Imagine my surprise to find that the most feared writer in the America was on the show of the most feared radio-personality, Howard Stern. It was all about Page Six Magazine. From Marksfriggin:

"Howard figured that Richard could get any actress he wanted ... if he blackmailed them. Richard said it doesn't work that way. Howard told Richard they have the guy who claims he had sex with Clay Aiken coming in to talk about that. He said the guy claims that Clay wanted him to fist him.

"Howard read through some of the stories they have in Page Six (Magazine) today. There was a story about Michael Jackson feeding live rabbits to his pet alligators. There's also a story about a NY Congressman who doesn't live with his life anymore. Richard said it's Charlie Rangle who apparently got a crash pad in the same building that his wife lives in.

"...Howard read that Richard got a threatening letter from Kiefer Sutherland's lawyer. They had a story about Kiefer doing some wacky things while he was out at a bar. Howard said he's kind of afraid of Richard because of the stories they do."

We all are. A healthy fear of Page Six is a good thing. That, and a fondness for all the fun over the years Richard and Page Six have given us.


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Out: Nicholas Cage. Eew. *The Corsair shudders* There is something profoundly disgusting about Nicholas Cage that we just can't put our finger on (Nor would we want to). He's just existentially filthy. The obsession with comic books -- his son is called Kal-El; his way-too-young former sushi waitress wife; his Elvis fetish that culminated, astonishingly, in his marriage to Lisa Marie Pressley. All of these events combine in unholy congress to give us an almost visceral reaction of "disgusting voodoo" to this quote, from Fashionweekdaily, taken at Donatella Versace's penthouse party:

"'Donatella makes my wife�s dresses�or what I like to call her second skin.'"

Fuck. We bet Cage hesitated before he uttered the last two words in his Peggy Sue Got Married voice.


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In: The Heatherette Front Row. The Heatherette Show would have been perfect, hands-down if they had had Michael Musto. As it is, we can only give it a tepid: "In." (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment) According to Kim Hastreiter at the Papermag Blog:

"The best front row I've seen at any show so far was at Heatherette. What an eclectic bunch!!!! From old to young, straight to gay, uptown to down. Marc Jacobs was even sitting in the front row! Heatherette shows are always the most most fun. Everyone screams and squeals like children at them. On the catwalk we spied Tinsley Mortimer (her hubby Topper was cheering on!) and Naomi Campbell."

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