Thursday, February 16, 2006

Picture Pages, Picture Pages ...


After a solid run for a couple of years, George Clooney finally succumbed to an overdose of pussy in Los Angeles yesterday. (image via aol)


Self-proclaimed "Fly Bitch" Kimora Simmons, in her natural state, Namely: stupidly gaping at material wealth. (image via wireimage)


Weasely-looking rockerboy Cisco Adler, showing us -- thankfully -- his most photogenic angle. (image via aol)


Caprice and Wesley Snipes: You just know these two freaks-of-the-week have the bedroom paneled with wall-to-wall mirrors. (image via wireimage)


"Good point Paris, all that I have to add is this: In visible light, a shift to longer wavelengths is equivalent to a shift toward the red end of the visible spectrum." (image via wireimage)

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