Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Mischa Versus Paris

Actress Mischa Barton and boyfriend Brandon Davis

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There is a revolving cast of full-fledged manwhore that moves, at bacterial velocity, between the Ashley-Lohan-MaryKate-Hilton-Stewart-Ritchie power Mean Girls nexus. (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment) The names include, but are not exclusive to: Steve "HO," Stavros Niarchos, Jared Leto, and other gamy sides of Hollywood beef. (Averted Gaze) There was never any question that at some point a catfight would break out in this well-lubricated Hollywood CuddlePuddle (eew). It appears that one of those "joysticks" is causing a rift in the "power grid," so to speak, if you know what we mean.

In the corner to my left, weighing 95 lbs soaking wet, Mischa Barton; and in the corner to my right, weighing 98 lbs soaking wet, Paris Hilton. Ladies and gentlemen: Let's get ready to rumble! According to the 3AMGirls:

"SHE'S feuded with Nicole Richie, Shannon Doherty and socialite Zeta Graff, now Paris Hilton is heading for a bust-up with Mischa Barton.

"The stunning star of The OC let rip at the blonde heir-head when we caught up with her at the post-Bafta's party at London's Grosvenor House Hotel on Sunday night.

"Glamorous Brit-born Mischa fell foul of Paris's LA clique after she started dating Paris gal pal Kimberly Stewart's ex-fiance, rocker Cisco Adler."

Because (Averted Gaze), ladies and gentlemen of the jury: Cisco Adler is such a prize ...

"... Just mentioning Paris's name was enough to make Mischa's smile turn into a frown.

"She spat: 'Paris isn't my rival. I met her one or two times and she's making out there's this big rivalry between us and there so isn't.'

Then, proving that there's no bad blood continues:

"'She seems to hate everyone around her age who is more successful. Silly bitch.'

"The Hollywood babe, who presented the gong for Best Adapted Screenplay at the ceremony, also mocked Paris's appearance at last week's Brit Awards.

"'I tuned into the Brits because I like to know what's going on in British music and I saw her and I was like 'what?',' she said.

"She was coming out with all this ridiculous stuff like 'I love London because whatever'. Purleese."

"And Mischa didn't mince her words when it came to the issue of boyfriends, claiming Paris didn't have a 'hands-off policy' when it came to other people's men. 'She does steal people's boyfriends!' she said.

"Earlier this month, Mischa got a tongue lashing from Paris's sister Nicky at Hollywood manager Benny Medina's birthday in LA. Nicky fumed: 'What's that fat pig doing here?'"

In what universe Mischa Barton is considered a fat pig, other than, say, The Star Magazine Institute for Convoluted Body Images of Women, we demand Nicky tell us.

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thierry6969 said...

How funny !

If Mrs Hilton go to jail maybe she will be catfighted during shower time ....

Quite sure that lindsay,mischa and Nicole would dream to see that ...!