Thursday, February 09, 2006

Lunch at Michael's


(image via crookedbrook)

With the tents at Bryant Park there was some cross-fashionista synergy going on at Michael's, the ultimate media power lunching destination, yesterday. Michael's is still the place to see and be scene. Still no signs, however, of the pillowy-lipped media gadfly Michael Wolff (Come on, Michael: When the charming Steve Millington send you flowers, you're obligated to suck it in and return to the playground) Wolff so recently expostulated in a Cartesian argument against the existence of Time Warner.

(A considerable pause) Dick Parsons duly responded by buying vinyards in Italy, and "completely sick" AOL offices in Beverly Hills (Paidcontent: "Opulence personified, with personal bathroom and even showers in some of the office rooms. Curved ceilings we know what ICahn was bitchin' about.")

(Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment) Michael's seems to be doing okay in Wolff's absence, though. From FishbowlNY:

"3: Andrew Cuomo with Steve and Howard Rubenstein. Hatching PR strategies no doubt.

"4: The uber-stern-looking Barry Diller in a yellow tie with a long-haired, youngish handsome guy. They were there in the corner for a very long time.

"... 6: John Ashcroft (yes, that John Ashcroft) with former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld.

"7: Andre Leon Talley in rare form, kicking up his heels (figuratively speaking) and commenting on outfits for the long line of guests waiting for tables near the door. 'THIS is what you should be wearing,' he said, grabbing one man and showing his outfit to Michael. He was dining with Candy Pratts Price, of, who just clucked away, trying to hush him 'Andre, really. Must you?' He must. After all, he was fabulous in his floor length shearling coat. She was in leopard.

"... 12: Seating one: Steve Mosko, Sony Pictures Television President, with Michael Barker and others. Seating two: Hamilton South and others.

"... 8: New York Social Diary's David Patrick Columbia, with Brooke Duchin and Alex Hitz."

Says our favorite social chronicler on NYSocialdiary:

"I was with Brooke Hayward Duchin, Alex Hitz, Sassy Johnson, and Sarah Rosenthal. After lunch the girls (except for Brooke) went into the Men�s Room where the walls are hung with photographs taken by Brooke�s former husband Dennis Hopper. In the stall is a photograph of the 1960s� Brooke wearing a crown uneasily but with pluck (and a price tag attached to it). In the Ladies� Room are photographs also taken by Mr. Hopper."

More media crack on the usual suspects here.

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