Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Naomi Campbell Conquers Anger


(image via pub.tv2)

For thousands of years the great sages have worked to conquer the red emotion, anger. For Naomi, it took a few kind words from her toyboy. According to Contactmusic:

"Feisty supermodel NAOMI CAMPBELL has conquered her anger demons - with a little help from close pal pop star ROBBIE WILLIAMS.

"The leggy beauty, 35, is renowned for her fiery temper, but she has learned to rise above problems after taking some simple advice from the ANGELS hitmaker.

"She says, 'I won't let people push my buttons, I just want to walk away.

"It's taken me God knows how many years. Robbie Williams told me, 'Always put your headphones on.'"


(image via neomoda)

We cannot fail to note this, from a Corsair post in November (3rd item):

"If you don't remember, Robbie Williams was once big on this side of the Atlantic for his one-hit-wonder song 'Milennium.' And Naomi Campbell is famous for, among other things, beating her social inferiors robustly with electronic gizmos. Put them both together and you get some volatile, long-lasting hott monkey sex, according to the extremely downmarket Newsoftheworld:

"SUPERSTAR Robbie Williams secretly bedded catwalk beauty Naomi Campbell during a steamy year-long affair, the News of the World can reveal today.

"The pair enjoyed marathon 48-HOUR ROMPS behind the back of the supermodel's boyfriend, racing boss Flavio Briatore, according to Naomi's former PA, Rebecca White.

"... Rebecca said: 'The two of them were clearly already close before I started working for Naomi the previous year.

"'She would talk fondly about Robbie from time to time, so I knew they were acquainted.

"'But the first time I actually met him was that day in February 2001 when I walked into Naomi's bedroom...and found them cuddled up in her bed.

"'It was the apartment Naomi shared with boyfriend Flavio with whom she was supposed to be having a serious relationship. But Naomi didn't try to hide that she was cheating on Flavio with Robbie.

"'When I entered the room, Robbie was under the bedclothes but he wasn't wearing anything on his top half. And Naomi wasn't wearing any bottoms because, at one point, she got up to go to the bathroom and I got an eyeful of everything!

"'The two of them spent that entire weekend cooped up in her bedroom together having sex.

"'I lived in the apartment below and every few hours they would summon me up to bring them food and drink."

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