Monday, January 09, 2006

Sam Mendes Made Jake Gyllenhaal Cry


The goat od Mendes. (image via

What everyone really wants to do is direct. It's a swell job. Unlimited power. On set the director is at the top of the food chain (Off-set, though, the Producer has some say). But being "God" means having to enforce, on occasion, tough love.

Kate Winslet's director-husband Sam Mendes is a strict disciplinarian. A hard ass, even, some might say. The Oscar winner elicited a spray of hot tears from buzzy actor Jake Gyllenhaal. According to TheMirror:

"Hollywood hunk Jake Gyllenhaal, 25, told how director Mendes showed who was boss when bickering erupted on set of new flick, Jarhead.

"Gyllenhaal said: 'I had a fight with a guy who knocked my tooth out with the butt of a gun - I started hitting him after the camera stopped rolling.

"'We didn't speak for a few days, then Sam wrote a scene where I had to apologise to him. So what you see on screen is for real - even the tears.'"

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