Monday, January 30, 2006

Corsair Exclusive! Filibustering John Kerry ... Awkward!


Tilting at windmills? (image via georgetown.library)

Senator John Kerry is not ... the most nimble man in the world ("who among us does not like Nascar"). But then, the Democratic Party is boffo about bookish geeks (think -- Dukakis, aka "Big Geeky"). And, anyhoo, the tall, goofy Senatorial thing -- with the hair; always the inscrutable Senate hair -- is very George Washingtonian; and it did, after all, snag him a rich "SugarMommy" (which, come to think of it, can only be properly construed as distinctly Madisonian). The newly-designed Wonkette site -- very sweet -- reports, gingerly:

"Last week, when Senator John F. Kerry issued a vocal call for a filibuster of Supreme Court nominee Samuel A. Alito, Jr. � going so far as to blog about it � many Democrats and Republicans had the same reaction: 'What the hell is he thinking?'"

Uhm, a guess -- 2008? Further:

"The fact that Senator Kerry issued this clarion call to arms from Switzerland, of all places, didn�t exactly help."

But it is in character, n'est-ce pas? Think -- leisurely windsurfing during the campaign of your life. Besides, the Verbier powder is Monster. Moreover:

"As White House press secretary Scott McClellan put it, 'Even for a senator, it takes some pretty serious yodeling to call for a filibuster from a five-star ski resort in the Swiss Alps.' As the New York Times aptly summarized matters, 'Democrats cringed and Republicans jeered at the awkwardness of his gesture, which almost no one in the Senate expects to succeed.'"

But success is relative. If, by success, the Old Gray Lady means stopping Alito, well: That's not going to happen. But if by success you mean: Will energize the Progressive wing, then, er: you know --? (Lilting teenage tone)

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