Saturday, January 07, 2006

CES Wrap


(image via justjared)

Interoperability. Connectivity. Robin Williams. You know the geeks have inherited the world when the "Avids" at Comicon get visited by Peter Guber, Charlize Theron, Hugh Jackman, Bryan Singer, Kate Beckinsale, Avi Arad; and now, to seal the deal: CES -- a Consumer Electronics Show! -- gets A-Listers. From Endgadget:

"... 5:40 Morgan Freeman and Lauren McCready come onstage to promise movies 'within a few weeks of their release to theaters,' Morgan says. Now walking onstage: Tom Hanks, Danny DeVito, Tom Shadyac, Brad Silberling. Hanks jokes about his earlier appearance for Sony: 'I've been hanging around backstage for three hours.' Lots of apple-polishing speeches. Hanks cuts the BS and just says it's really great. DeVito gets a phone call onstage, promises Rhea Perlman that although he's in Vegas their are no girls there."

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