Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Matthew McConoughey Breaks Collarbone


(image via jam.canoe.com)

The long swan-like neck that alighted the fancy of People Magazine at present terminates in a busted collarbone. Alas. We can only wonder in studied silence if there was "kind bud" involved. Like, did the 2005 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup's winner find it'sway into McConoughey'ssystem, by any chance?According to the 3AM Girls:

"LET'S hope Spanish siren Penelope Cruz's nursing skills are up to scratch - because boyfriend Matthew McConaughey has gone and broken his collarbone.

"Our spy in the sunshine tells us the 36-year-old Sahara stud was surfing off the Costa Rican coast with Cruz, 31, over Christmas when he took a tumble.

"'It's really easy to break your collarbone while surfing, but at least he's got Penelope there to look after him,' says our mole."

Hydro? Chocolate Thai?

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