Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Samuel Alito Drinking Game


(image via usatoday)

Today we get into the race and civil rights phase of the Alito hearings -- yesterday was the Abortion phase, the previous day was backstory. As you can imagine, the rhetoric is magestic. Maureen Dowd leads the media opposition in calling Alito "shifty." John Podhoretz, on the other side of the media firmament, calls the opposition, "a gaggle of boorish, clownish, hectoring geese."

Charmed, I'm sure. (Exahggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment) We duly contribute to this high democratic discourse with the Alito Drinking Game:

Take one drink if:

... Stare decisis is mentioned

... The word subpoena is mentioned

... A Republican refers to Alito as "consistent" and his opponents as "desperate"

... The audience breaks into fake Washingtonian laughter.

Take two drinks if:

... Someone says "White Boys Club."

... A heated argument breaks out between Senators/ A Senator loses his or her temper

... Brown v. Board of Education is brought up.

... Senator Spector, adrift on a sea of chaos, pedantically reminds everyone, "I am the Chairman of this Committee"

Pound it if:

... A Senator drops the "Scalito" bomb.

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Jessica said...

"the 'Scalito' bomb" is so the new WC euphemism, chez peace dividend. Thanks for that.