Saturday, January 28, 2006

Bobcat Goldthwait Sets off a Rocket in Celebration at Selling "Stay"


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Jimmy Kimmel Show Director Bobcat Godthwait finally sold the buzzy sleeper hit "Stay," to Roadside Pictures. How does a raunchy comedian celebrate? With rockets and a fur jockstrap. WowReport, who last time around lit up Sundance with "Inside Deep Throat," WOW producer Thairin Smothers chats on the phone with WOW intern Tasha Goldthwait, whose father's film Stay, was just sold. Below is a trancription (Podcast here):

"Thairin Smothers: (Excited) -- You sold Stay?

"Tasha: Sold. And it's going to be Worldwide...

"Thairin: Great. Who'd you guys sell it to?

Tasha: Uh, Roadside/Goldwyn?

"Thairin: Roadside .. Roadside and Goldwyn. Oh, that's cool. Is you're Dad excited? Ohmigod that's been his ... congratulations ... tell your Dad congratulations ...

"Tasha: I will tell him. Yes. He's very excited; (he's) been very emotional.

"Thairin: Is he? What do you mean?

"Tasha: ... He cried a few times

"Thairin: Did he? That's sweet. And ... in the excitement of it. Where'd you find out? Where were you?

"Tasha: We were actually at our house in which the whole cast and crew was staying -- a pretty big house, but not big enough for 15 people. And then we let off a rocket outside our house.

What kind of rocket?

--A rocket that someone bought outside of Las Vegas.

(Laughter) Was it like a huge fireworks explosion?

"Tasha: Yeah, like fireworks were up ion the air and everything ... (laugfhter) so that's what happened.

"Thairin: Right on. So, that, like, kind of expresses how your dad probably really feels, right?

"Tasha: Yeah; (skeptically) He's he's been walking around a fur jockstrap for the past few days. Just to give you a feel of what's been going on around here.

"Thairin:(laughter) Really: where's the fur jockstrap from?

"Tasha: $19.99 on Main Street!

"Thairin: Nuh uh, at Sundance?

"Tasha: Yeah. They have a bunch of them."

Congratulations, Bobcat. We predicted this. Now, let's hope tonight "Stay" wins the big 'un.

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