Friday, January 20, 2006

Be Afraid Daisy Wright. Be Very Afraid


(image via charlieontheradio)

Granted, Sienna Miller is -- at best -- 100 pounds soaking wet. That doesn't mean, however, that she is not without the ability to throw a serious beatdown on nanny Daily Wright. According to Interview Magazine's February 2006 issue:

"Sam Taylor-Wood: Okay, we've covered Cassanova. We've covered Factory Girl. We've covered "It" girl. (both laugh) We did the paparazzi and the gossip. I don't want to ask about that other stuff.

"Sienna Miller: What? NannyGate? I just hope she doesn't run into me in a dark alley. Actually, I'm quite looking forward to the day when our paths cross, which I know they will. She better live in fear."

Okay, how hot was that "...which I know they will"? Brimming with ominosity, that. It's a dark role for Sienna Miller. And, in our opinion, there is nothing hotter than a proper little jalepino like Sienna cold-cocking someone twice her size over some Eurotrash like Jude Law, who won't even appreciate the scene.

When that happens --sotto voce -- which I know it will, please someone videotape it.

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