Wednesday, January 11, 2006

CBS To Launch MobiSoap


Enthralling melodrama. (image via wikimedia)

We are still caught between whether or not the idea of 3-to-5 minute soap opera episodes on mobile phones is a clever thing, or testament to our collective Attention Deficit Disorder as a society. CBS is launching something called MobiSoap (Mobile soap, get it?), using a format called, in the biz, "manipulated reality." No doubt, viewers will be encouraged to respond to plots and cosmetically-nehanced cheekbones and lips via text. According to PaidContent:

"And I am going to start throwing up some mobi-suds if they do not stop with this mobi-naming thing...anyway, CBS is launching an original made-for-mobile series...CBS' daytime department is handling the project, sealing a deal with writer-producer James Dutcher ('City Guys') and Leah Hecker to create this series. The name and concepts are still being worked out, the story says. The show will run five to seven original episodes a week, at three to five minutes show, and could run as long as three months."

Because, quite frankly, who needs the development of character. Just give us the cheating, the catfights, the lying and sex scenes in easily digestable "mobisodes." And, over cosmeticized soapopera bitchface; we can never get enough of the soapopera bitchface.


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