Thursday, January 05, 2006

Jon Stewart Breaks Out Hearts


Stewart, thou hast cleft our heart in twain! (image via mindspring)

If you haven't already heard the news via those alliterative Jesses at Gawker or Defamer, Jon Stewart has decided to host the Oscars. That was not some bit of snarky Corsair discourse. We had such high hopes for Jon (The Corsair plays a particularly melancholy CD of Elgar). He was going to take over from Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes; he was going to host the White House Correspondents Dinner; but no, alas -- the Chateau Marmont calls.

While, yes, we are vaguely aware that he is a comedian-ironist who does "fake news," Stewart just struck us as so much more serious than Hollywood, that unquenchable thirst for ego. (The Corsair majestically lowers his tricorner Pirate cap) Hollywood has claimed yet another innocent soul into its botoxed vortex.

No word yet if, as an afterthought, Jon Stewart will portray Graydon Carter's "personal bitch" at the VF party afterwards.

According to the LATimes:

"For the moment no one at AMPAS or involved with the production will confirm it--but according to three sources familiar with the process, the job of hosting the 78th Academy Awards will go to Jon Stewart, the Emmy-winning writer-host of "The Daily Show" and a host of the Grammy Awards in 2001 and 2002.

"Times staff writers Scott Collins and John Horn report that Oscar show officials first approached Stewart shortly before Christmas. According to a source with first-hand knowledge of the situation, the deal was wrapped up in a flurry of activity a day or two before the holiday.
For the past couple of months, Oscar producer Gil Cates' search for an emcee has sometimes seemed to belong under the 'Daily Show'-style heading 'Indecision 2005.' Last year's host, Chris Rock, was not asked back; eight-time host Billy Crystal said he declined an invitation because of his busy schedule. Published reports claimed that negotiations were underway with Whoopi Goldberg and Steve Martin, though those were never confirmed.

"The 43-year-old Stewart does not have an extensive movie career, an attribute Cates generally prefers in his hosts. Stewart has appeared in a handful of films, few of which were Oscar material: 'Death to Smoochy,' 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back' and 'The Office Party,' among others."

Ah yes, "Death to Smoochy." Who among us doesn't like "Death to Smmochy" (Averted Gaze)

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