Thursday, January 12, 2006

Lunch at Michael's


(image via fishbowlny)

Ah, our favorite media game. Let's get out our binoculars. Our Audubon Field Guide to Media Celebrities. There, all set. From FishbowlNY:

"Table 1: Charlie Rose and a gal with long, blondish hair, speaking animatedly. A birdie told us they might be talking about a book deal?"

With Charlie Rose it was more likely a monologue than a dialogue. Still:

"... 4: Andrew Lloyd Webber, with a dashing fella, but who??"

Considering how Webber looks nowadays not unlike a life sized rodent, we are surprised that an exterminator was not fetched.

".. 7: Diane von Furstenberg, looking glamorous, wearing a giganto silver ring and a chain link fence bracelet on her wrist! She was in a large-patterned suit ... and had a faux leopard handbag.

"8: New York Social Diary's David Patrick Columbia with an attractive socialite. [UPDATE: A little birdie tells us, she was actually no socialite, but Liz Peek, business columnist for the Sun. So much for going on first impressions! (Her husband Jeff Peek is CEO at CIT Financial).]

"... 12: Who were you? We think this was New Yorker publisher Lou Cona. As Cona was leaving the restaurant, we overheard media recruiter Ed Koller say to his guest: 'That was Cona? I made that guy's career! I put him at People mag and look where he is today.' Of course, Koller likes to say that about everyone!"

Zing! Laurel Touby is extra "saucy" today.

"14: Leslie Stahl with Simon & Schuster editrix Alice Mayhew. Talking about a book idea, no doubt!

"16: Kathie Lee Gifford and two other happy, blonde gals."

There, now that The Corsair has properly hooked you on this media crack, for the full list, you'll have to go here.

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