Monday, January 09, 2006

Separated at Birth: R Couri Hay and Matthew McConoughey?

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The gossip biz is like a game of telephone, sometimes. Last week, the British tabloids mistakenly named Matthew McConoughey as having broken his collar bone while surfing. He didn't, as Rush and Molloy duly informed us.

But, interestingly enough (Well, perhaps to three of you), social butterfly R.Couri Hay did bust his breastbone, while skiing. Skiing, surfing; Tomato, toMAHtoe; Coury Hay, Mcconoughey -- whatevs. Did the media finger -- slight pun intended -- the wrong guy? According to those intrepid Page Sixxies:

"FLAMBOYANT publicist R. Couri Hay is injured. The jet-setter was skiing in Courcheval last week when he made a bet for $10,000 against Dimitri Abramowitz - whose billionaire father, Roman Abramowitz, owns Britain's Chelsea soccer team. The rules were simple: Whoever gets down the mountain first wins. Alas, Hay crashed and broke his collarbone - losing not only the race but his sable hat as well. Abramowitz kindly sent a magnum of Cristal and a pot of beluga caviar to Hay at the clinic to which he was airlifted. The painkillers must have kicked in because Hay is demanding a rematch upon his recovery."

We can understand why someone would mistake the swan-necked McConoughey with the, uh, "well-preserved" Couri Hay. Anyway, get well soon; Manhattan society is significantly less colorful without R Couri Hay calculated into the mix.

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