Monday, January 30, 2006

Chappy Morris Engaged to Melissa Stanley!


(image via NYSocialDiary)

When Old Money becomes affianced, well, we take notice. Because, you know, there are not too many people who can roll with the sobriquet "Chappy" and survive prep school with their lunchmonies intact. Although we are tight with the weed guy on 125th who calls himself, quixotically, "Pooky." ("skunky," we offer, would be the more accurate characterization of his aromatic product) But ... that's another story altogether, involving newer, crisper money than those ancient Morrises.

But --as they say -- congrats to "Chappy" Morris, and "Brookie," and whomever else rocks those leisurely nicknames of yesteryear that bring a smile to our Armagnac stained lips. According to our favorite social chronicler David Patrick Columbia in the necessary NYSocialDiary:

"Chappy Morris, New York society's most perennial bachelor (and I'm not exaggerating) is about to surprise his very wide world and announce his engagement to Melissa Stanley, the young lady he's been squiring around town (and elsewhere) for a few years now. Chappy, who is 56 is from a very old New York family (think Morrisania in the Bronx, think Gouverneur Morris, signer of the Declaration of Independence) is the child of a perennial bachelor who married later in life to Chappy's mother Edna who became one of the great doyennes of society. In fact, the same engagement ring that Chappy's father gave his mother has now engaged Melissa Stanley. What their specific plans are I cannot tell you since I�m not even supposed to know what I've told you. But they are a lovely couple and congratulations and best wishes are in order!"

Yes, best wishes to all. More, fresh -- June 2008 -- Corsair gossip here.


Anonymous said...

I personally am very happy for Chappy. Having discovered him 13 years ago in Hamptons Magazine I knew he would find true love one day...tiring of squiring around leather faced socialites and fake laughing at the right moment. Chappy can now enjoy the Hamptons properly with a trophy instead of old Prada bags. Go Chappy Go.

sincerely, Happy Hampton

The Corsair said...

Go Chappy, go,