Thursday, January 26, 2006

Greg Kinnear: Wasted


(image via media74)

Gregg Kinnear has had a wild ride in the business. After inaugurating the Golden Age of cable snark, Kinnear, a "diplobrat," became -- overnight -- a darling of Hollywood. Cast in the Sabrina remake opposite Harrison Ford, it seemed like the stars were the limit for Kinnear. Then came a stinker called Dear God. (Averted Gaze) That little fiasco, if anything, showed Hollywood that Kinnear's strengths are more as a Supporting Character than carrying a film.

The pendulum swings. The record $10 million sale of his film, the buzzy "Little Miss Sunshine," seemed to turn things around. Not so, though with regards to his social cache. According to Popbitch:

"Little Miss Sunshine star Greg Kinnear was turned away from the Wristcutters premiere for not having the right wristband. He kept pointing at his watch, and telling security 'I've been in a couple of movies, I'm cool.' He was later seen, 'totally wasted' in the VIP room, on a sofa, wearing a cowboy hat."

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