Saturday, January 21, 2006

A Little of the Old In and Out


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In: "Little Miss Sunshine." It's Steve Carell's world, folks, we just live in it. Coming off of his well-received Golden Globes speech, Steve Carell scores again in the film "Little Miss Sunshine, which" is the talk of Park City, Utah. An odd drama-comedy about child beuaty pagents. The Sundance buzz on this little indie is cacophanous around the blogosphere. Also back is Greg Kinnear, who, we hear, finally fulfils his comic-ironic early promise. According to Fox411:

"...The first full day of Sundance unfolded with lots of surprises. By the end of the day, the whole village was going ga-ga over a movie called 'Little Miss Sunshine' starring Steve Carell and Toni Collette. People who saw it last night said 'Sunshine' was one of the funniest comedies they�d ever seen and that the film would be sold for the highest amount in Sundance history."

Further, from Indiewire:

"Thursday's clouds and snow gave way to blue skies and cool temperatures Friday, the first full day of the Sundance Film Festival screenings. And buyers in Park City got their first taste of what this year's lineup has to offer. The widely expected acquisition deal of the weekend is Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris' 'Little Miss Sunshine,' starring Greg Kinnear, Steve Carell, Toni Collette, and Alan Arkin, which debuted Friday night during a rousing screening at the Eccles Theater.

"After a standing ovation, biz activity kicked into high gear with immediate offers rumored to be in the millions of dollars. At 1:30 a.m. local time early Saturday morning, negotiations were continuing and insiders told indieWIRE that an overnight deal was possible, but one added, 'I think it will be a long night.' A number of unnamed companies were said to be in the mix. Cinetic is selling the film."

Toni Collette is also garnering some buzz for Little Miss Sunshine and another film, The Night Listener with Robin Williams and the red hott Sandra Oh.


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Out: Ellen Barkin and Ron Perlman. First Hasselhoff, now Ron Perlman; those finnicky Masters of the Universe! It appears Perlman has decided not to re-up the warrantee on his Hollywood-Park Avenue marriage to Ellen Barkin. That is really a shame as Barkin played the role of a "Lady who Lunches" to perfection; if God gave out Oscars... According to the DailyNews:

"Sexpot actress Ellen Barkin is said to be 'devastated' that billionaire Revlon Corp. boss Ron Perelman is about to take a powder on their five-year marriage.

"'This is all coming from him,' one of Barkin's close friends said yesterday. 'Ellen never said, 'I want a divorce.' She was trying hard to hold it together.'

"No papers have been filed yet, but friends and confidants say the hairless cosmetics honcho is going to lower the boom soon.

"... The hot speculation is that Perelman wants to send Barkin packing from their E. 63rd St. mansion with $20 million before their prenuptial agreement expires - which is said to be soon.
If he blows the deadline, Barkin could ask for more, and because Forbes magazine lists Perelman as the 34th-richest person in America, it could be a lot more."


Marry me. (image via vnn)

In: Helena Christensen. God, we love this woman fiercely. Sometimes, when things seem dark, in this age of perpetual war, we wonder -- aloud -- if there is any aim or meaning to human existence. In the lugubrious dark, we like to look at images of the astonishing Helena Christensen, on a beach, Sphynxlike. Our spirits are instantly restored. And, according to British Vogue -- she's the new face of Moet and Chandon.


Einstein of the Potomac. (image via house)

Out: Congressman John Sullivan of Oklahoma. We all know that, by the by, politicians are somewhat two faced to say the least. They will pander and veer towards the wedge issues of the majority of voters, then, once they're in, conveniently neglect those issues and go about the business of getting the hot Committee assignments until another election nears and the pressure mounts to show ones work.

In order to properly shmooze one's way onto the power Committees, one often makes promises to two opposing sides. So long as you don't get caught: It's all good.

Politicians are well known to "cultivate friendships" by promising to vote in favor of another more powerful Congreeman who can return the favor at some later date. Oftentimes one promises two competing Congressmen the same thing in the hopes that after a private vote neither side will ever find out. In those situations it doesn't take a Niccolo Machiavelli to know that one doesn't commit to both sides of an issue on fucking paper!

Generally it is assumed that when one achieves a seat in the United States House of Representatives, you are a are serious player -- not some backbencher on the farm team. Not so, alas, with one dim bulb named .... Congressman John Sullivan of Oklahoma. Our favorite Dickensian villain Robert Novak notes:

"Although members of Congress are notorious for privately endorsing rival candidates in party leadership contests, Rep. John Sullivan of Oklahoma broke new ground with dual public endorsements. Sullivan put his name on lists of two candidates for Policy Committee chairman: Adam Putnam of Florida and Thad McCotter of Michigan."

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