Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Will Stay Find a Studio?


(image via starsproductions)

As we predicted on December 3rd, Bob "Don't Call Me Bobcat" Goldthwaite's Stay is getting serious Sundance buzz. But will such a risky project get a home? According to indiewire:

"Bob Goldthwaite's 'raw, original, and edifying' film 'Stay' (as described by Sundance) has been shocking festival audiences since the weekend. The heartwarming but highly eccentric story centers on a girl whose fiancee walks out on her when she reveals a past secret that even she can't understand. 'Undeniably, local standards will be 'offended' said the Reuters story, but even so, at its core, 'Stay' is a love story 'that perambulates around the notions of truth and acceptance.'"

From QOTD: "Well, I never really noticed Bobcat Goldwaith before. He seems really enduring but really annoying in person. But I�m about to write something you�d have to see to believe. At 9:15 a.m. yesterday, a packed auditorium gave him a massive ovation for a beautiful, sensitive, funny, thoughtful and provoking movie about a girl who gives her dog a blowjob. No really. It�s called 'Stay' and I loved it, and so will you if it ever gets released and you have any taste at all. "

Does bestiality play in Peoria? Does the comics instinct to shock hurt his prospects in film (It didn't hurt The Aristocrats)?


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