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A Little of the Old In and Out


Better to engage the devil in diplomacy, than to let him ally with Beijing. (image via theeconomist)

In: Vladimir Putin. The balls in Putin's court: The US and Europe announced that they will not press Iran to the UN referral, giving the Russian President time to convince Tehran of the error of their ways. While we are not, in any way, shape or form, shills for the dark, Hobbesian pseudo-klepto-autocrat, Vladimir Putin, it is impossible to not note the gains he has made in the last few days towards a greater respectability on the stage of the global theater.

For example, Japan has agreed to back Russia's bid to the WTO. This historic development, despite the fact that the dodgy diplomatic question of the Northern Territories by Japan, which were seized by Soviet forces at the end of World War II, remains unresolved.

Also, President Bush has -- we cannot fail to note: brilliantly -- placed Russia back in the Middle East game as a player, checking the rogue Iran and, incidentally, isolating China (that fiendish, self-interested comrade of the developing world), which sided with Russia and Iran against the interests of The West. Checkmate!

Putin, caught in between the Eurasianists and the Westernists, has been, of late, leaning towards China and Iran. This puts a belated wedge in that relationship, empowering the "Westernists" in Moscow. All Rusia ever really wanted was to be respected globally, to be "lifted from the pavement," (see Beryadev, on the Eternal in the Russian Soul") so ably expressed in Tchaikovsky's melancholy Sixth Symphony. Those colorful Orange and Rose Revolutions, while necessary, strained our relationship with Russia, owner of untold nuclear warheads, and thus made the world a more dangerous place.

Now, according to The Telegraph:

"President George W Bush has backed a plan to allow Iran to enrich uranium in Russia. The sudden change in tactics over Teheran's controversial nuclear programme has angered hawks in Washington and surprised European diplomats.

"... The latest proposal would allow Teheran to convert uranium if subsequent enrichment, which could have weapons applications, took place only overseas, under Russian control.

"It is the first compromise offer in which America has shown any interest and is designed to develop a joint front with Russia, a long-term ally of Iran."

The deal could gainfully employ the myriads of sell-to-the-highest-bidder -- and thus quite dangerous --Russian nuclear scientists on the War on Terror and, in the process, give the country a new revenue stream in addition to their important role as Overseer of nuclear development in the Middle East. With Russia as less of a roguish Bear, stumbling towards irrelevance, and more of a player with an investment in the future of a stable world, suddenly things look a little bit brighter. Just a little. Now, if only they could work on their abysmal recod on human rights. (A considerable pause) All good things in time.


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Out: Helen Gurley Brown. As we have said before, acidly, middle names that were attractive in the morning of one's life can become highly ironic in the late evening of said sojourn (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment). According to Gatecrasher:

"A hilarious video is doing the rounds that shows Cosmopolitan's legendary former editor, Helen Gurley Brown, in a dance audition for Ellen DeGeneres' show.

"Apparently Brown, keen to plug her last book, had the short film made to convince Ellen to have her on the program to perform a 'pas de deux' (that's a dance for two, for those of you who still haven't forgiven the French).

"'She's wearing a leotard, and she's dancing to the best of Andrew Lloyd Webber,' said a source who's seen the video. 'She hired a Broadway choreographer to coordinate the number.'
Brown, 83, high-kicks her way through the routine with a male dance companion."

Careful with those high-kicks, baby -- you can throw out a hip! Still, Brown gets kudos for jazzing-it-up to Lloyd Webber, which is a surprisingly contemporary choice for the former editrix. We half expected a saucy little Prohibition Age number from Ma Rainey.


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In: Naomi Campbell and Robbie Williams' Marathon of Sex. If you don't remember, Robbie Williams was once big on this side of the Atlantic for his one-hit-wonder song "Milennium." And Naomi Campbell is famous for, among other things, beating her social inferiors robustly with electronic gizmos. Put them both together and you get some volatile, long-lasting hott monkey sex, according to the extremely downmarket Newsoftheworld:

"SUPERSTAR Robbie Williams secretly bedded catwalk beauty Naomi Campbell during a steamy year-long affair, the News of the World can reveal today.

"The pair enjoyed marathon 48-HOUR ROMPS behind the back of the supermodel's boyfriend, racing boss Flavio Briatore, acc ording to Naomi's former PA, Rebecca White.

"... Rebecca said: 'The two of them were clearly already close before I started working for Naomi the previous year.

"'She would talk fondly about Robbie from time to time, so I knew they were acquainted.

"'But the first time I actually met him was that day in February 2001 when I walked into Naomi's bedroom...and found them cuddled up in her bed.

"'It was the apartment Naomi shared with boyfriend Flavio with whom she was supposed to be having a serious relationship. But Naomi didn't try to hide that she was cheating on Flavio with Robbie.

"'When I entered the room, Robbie was under the bedclothes but he wasn't wearing anything on his top half. And Naomi wasn't wearing any bottoms because, at one point, she got up to go to the bathroom and I got an eyeful of everything!

"'The two of them spent that entire weekend cooped up in her bedroom together having sex.

"'I lived in the apartment below and every few hours they would summon me up to bring them food and drink."

To replenish the, uh, we don't even want to go there. The full story here.


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Out: Michael Mann's Miami Vice. The Corsair can't wait to see the documentary of the mystical insanity of the making of Miami Vice, transposed, of course, to Joseph Conrad's "Heart of Darkness," but heighted by pastel colors and perfectly-coiffed 3 day old beards. According to Radar Online (link via defamer):

"Adding to the near-biblical woes that have beset Michael Mann�s film adaptation of Miami Vice comes a new chapter: Exodus. According to sources on the set of the scandal-plagued Jamie Foxx/Colin Farrell vehicle, crew members have been quitting in record numbers�thanks, in part, to the director�s imperious ways.

"We�re told that since filming began in June, over 120 crew members have jumped ship, exhausted by Mann�s famously obsessive demands, ceaseless revisions, and 24/7 schedule. One production assistant says that resignations are now being turned in on an almost daily basis, with employees typically citing illness or dying relatives. Few members of the original crew remain, the source says."

Full story here.


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In: Stella McCartney. Stella's hot. We know people, in fact, who are still nursing their injuries from the infamous sale. Frenzied shoppers even, when supply ran low, grabbed the fucking clothing off mannequins in New York! According to British Vogue:

"STELLA MCCARTNEY's H&M range did just what she wanted for the brand. '[It] was an exercise in branding,' Marco Bizzarri, ceo of the company, told WWD. 'There is such an awareness out there of Stella's name, but until now, I don't know how many people could actually link Stella's name to a product. Plus it's not easy to find our products: We have three stand-alone stores and 200 wholesale accounts. We simply wanted a wider audience to understand the brand, to link the name to Stella's design and quality. At the very least, we've educated consumers � and piqued their curiosity � about Stella's world. Those same women who bought from H&M may well walk into Stella's store looking for the fragrance, a T-shirt, a pair of jeans or the Adidas trainers.'"



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In: Andre's Cave. (Sotto Voce) What lies within: "Andre's Cave." According to fashionweekdaily:

"... for last Wednesday�s very-intimate Giambattista Valli luncheon hosted by Andr� Leon Talley at Barneys�and attended by Helen Schifter, Lauren duPont, Vera Wang, Marina Rust, and Dr. Lisa Airan�a private section of the third floor was transformed into a cave of crushed white paper that covered the floors, walls, and ceilings while headless mannequins displayed his dresses and pink rose petals were strewn all over the tables and the gowns ('It was like Andr�s cave,' said one guest)�"

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