Thursday, November 17, 2005

Powerlunching at Michael's


(image via Helayne Seidman/The Washington Post)

The WashPo finally discovered Michael's, the lo ultimo location to get your Chattering Class lunch on (take bite, loook around the room, gossip, repeat), and, in the process, has granted full media vindication to those of us who have been obsessing, unheralded and unsung, over their precious guestlist forever.

According to Aileen (Laurel was in Chicago) at FishbowlNY:


"NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly with Tom Kelly.

"�Liz Smith at a table for two in the front half of the room

"Seventeen's Atoosa Rubenstein with a blonde we could only see from the back.

"Michael Eisner with an unknown older woman who Michael's staff called 'very nice'

"Fox news honcho Roger Ailes

"... Power lawyer and pater publicist familias Allen Grubman

"Fashion designer Arnold Scaasi. He's not in media, but media people wear his clothes to events like the Emmys. Synergy!"

The question we want to ask but won't is: Did Scassi maintain his glorious, fecund mantan amid this sudden November chill? Because if Scassi isn't looking ripe, then our world is somehow not complete.

Seriously: You do your thing Scassi, you ... (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment) do your thing. The full list of the usual suspects here.

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