Saturday, November 26, 2005

Kate Moss Photo Shoot: Who Loves You, Baby?




Kate Moss rocks our world! (images via thesun)

Post-rehab, post Doherty, several million dollars richer, Kate Moss looks, as you can see, quite goddamned wonderful. Good for her. The heart really is a quite resilient little muscle. From thesun:

"WELL, at least it�s only Kate Moss�s leg that�s high . . .Laughing Kate threw her right pin in the air on an island fashion shoot.The models looks back at her stunning best after kicking cocaine at a spell in rehab.

"Kate, 31, had been dumped by several fashion companies after revelations of her drug use.But as she lay on rocks on the Caribbean island of St Bart�s, and ran on the sands � switching between orange and grey dresses � it looked like her career was back on track."

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Shaw Israel Izikson said...

A rolling moss gathers no stone,

a moss rolling on stone gathers,

A moss stoned gathers no, hm...yea. like that. see.

*phew* at least Mariah didn't pop outta this post. That stuff is scary.