Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Sienna and Jude Had "Bed Hair" (AKA, "Fuck Dreadlocks")


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Jude Law and Sienna Miller have come to terms with their inherent temporariness. Ironically, this was all communicated to the press during the premiere of "Cassanova." Alls well that ends well, as we always say. According to the 3AM Girls:

"The troubled lovers spent a romantic few days in an LA beach-front hotel getting their relationship back on track.

"And at the Hollywood premiere of her flick Casanova, Sienna confirmed for the first time what the Daily Mirror told you a fortnight ago - the pair are giving it another go.

"'Well, it's pretty obvious, isn't it? We're working things out,' said Sienna, dressed in a black strapless Stella McCartney jumpsuit.

"'And he's always been and will remain my closest friend in the world, so, you know, it's good,' she gushed.

"'We've had a rough ride, so that is good. That's very good.'"

Let's recap, shall we? First, Jude pounced on the marginally-attractive Nanny (Maybe "Daisy" stood for *Da Inner Soul, Y'all*). Then, the news came out after his son confessed he saw some of their "private portions" to the gloriously melancholy Sadie Frost. Sadie duly pitched a fit, and, like clockwork, so did Sienna.

Sienna promptly issued the Sienna's Six Commandments ("Jude shalt not...")

Turns out, however, that Sienna was fucking the new James Bond. (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment) Her bad.

So, Jude, infuriated that she made him grovel in public, pitches woo to the seriously delicious Selma Hayek at Man Ray in Paris, which causes Sienna, upon hearing the news, to interrupt his dinner a few days later, turn a vivid shade of "puce," and, finally, weep uncontrollably at his knees, spraying hot tears.


(A considerable pause) Now:

"But after a few months fighting like cat and dog the pair are once again at it like rabbits.

"They spent the days before the premiere in the sound-proof presidential suite of the Shutters on the Beach hotel in Santa Monica.

"And the pair certainly got their money's worth out of the �1,700-a-night room.

"A 3am mole tells us: 'They acted like a couple of love-struck honeymooners. They were on the balcony watching the sun set over the ocean.

"'Jude had his shirt off and Sienna was rubbing his chest. Both of them had 'bed hair' so it was pretty obvious what they'd been doing all day.'"

Fuck dreadlocks, they mean. More here.

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