Monday, November 07, 2005

Sharon Osbourne: Madonna Looks Like "An Old Hooker."


(image via TheMirror)

Sharon Osbourne is obviously riding out the outrageous, high-pitched British eccentric angle to its outer limits. And, perhaps, beyond. As de Sade was to sex, Osbourne is, ostensibly, to shadenfreude.

When not propping-up her perennially "confused" husband on stage for an infusion of moolah for the next English country house, or that nice fat-ass hunk of ruby, she rants.

Dear Lord, Sharon Osbourne rants (Even the creepy Friend of Osbourne and former Sharon O paramour Jay Leno has stopped putting her on the Tonight Show). Today Sharon O targets a hapless Madonna to anyone within listening range. According to Cameron Robertson of theMirror:

"SHARON Osbourne has launched her most foul-mouthed attack yet on Madonna, accusing the pop queen of looking like 'an old hooker.'

"... Sharon, 53, stormed: 'It's like dressing up with her.'

"'One day you're in f***ing gun gear, then you're in horsing gear, then you dress like a f***ing dyke, then you dress like a hooker, then you're in a flowery dress reading kids' poetry looking like a f***ing librarian - then you're back looking like an old hooker again."

"... She went on: 'Oh that's f***ing ridiculous, crap, f*** off - what a load of b*****ks!' The rock boss, recently voted Most Popular Expert at the National TV Awards, hissed: 'And writing those painful silly books and reading them to your kids! If my mum came to me with a book like that I'd say, 'F***ing stick it up your a***'. F***ing English Roses - b*****ks.'"

(A considerable pause) More asterisks and high-pitched, ear-splitting squeals of rage here.

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