Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A Little of the Old In and Out


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In: Morgan Freeman. The idea of short DVD windows is hott. The archaic 45-day DVD window is simply absurd in this age of rampant piracy and dwindling Hollywood profits. According to PaidContent:

"Disney CEO Bob Iger says he's even suggested that exhibitors sell the DVD at the theaters for moviegoers to pick up on the way out while the interest is still fresh. In exchange, the owners would get a cut of the sale. 'They think we are out of our minds,' Iger said during a Monday q-and-a at the Wall Street Journal. But he thinks the roughly four-month theatrical exclusive when most of the screen money is made in the first few weeks may be costing everyone: 'We are spending too much time chasing box office (dollars) and we are waiting too long to enter the next window.'"

That's why Morgan Freeman's new venture ClickStar is so particularly intiguing and ahead of the curve. With Freeman's star power behind the company, it can't go wrong. According to the Business2business blog:

"Intel and actor Morgan Freeman's Revelation Studios announced a new venture called ClickStar to distribute movies online as soon as they hit theaters. The rest of Hollywood might resist, but this is inevitable. The days of Hollywood's staggered movie release schedule (first theaters, then Pay-Per-View, then DVDs, then cable) are numbered. If Hollywood bothered to listen to its customers, it would hear that they want their movies delivered to them in a manner and medium of their choosing. At least Morgan Freeman is listening."

And: watch film piracy become more manageable; see: "Easy Reader" just made an easy billion.


Alba displays her considerable assets. (image via cfox.com)

Out: Jessica Alba. Easy on the eyes, to be sure, but essentially lame and, worse, greedy to boot. No one would mistake Jessica Alba's career with that of Cate Blanchett or, for that matter, John Malkovich. There is, of course, quite a difference -- a yeawning chasm, really -- between being a movie star and being an "actor." Alba has forsaken the latter altogether and embarced wholeheartedly the former, unfortunately. (Averted Gaze)

Indiewire's Reeler blog duly skewers Jessica Alba, who has released more bombs this year than Hamas, and feels no intrinsic need -- how ghetto -- to even cover up her shameful deeds. According to Indiewire:

"I used to think the only thing separating siren Jessica Alba from B-movie oblivion was her films' budgets. Sure, she is hot enough to buckle pavement, but if Into the Blue and Fantastic Four are not this year's Camp Tandem From Hell, then I am Armond White:

"However, this week's "Stupid Questions" feature in Entertainment Weekly exposes even more of Alba's appeal--to wit, an unmistakeable whiff of ambivalence about her own sultry canon:

"EW:What about Dark Angel did you find more implausible � the fact that you played Max, a hot chick with genetically engineered superpowers, or the fact that you played Max, a hot chick who shared the same name as an old Jewish man?

"JA: A genetically engineered superhero is a little far-fetched. An old Jewish man is a bit more relatable. Long walks to school and the whole nine...

"EW: I never got around to seeing your 1998 kiddie comedy P.U.N.K.S. � which featured both a suit with supernatural powers and Randy Quaid � but can I assume that it kinda S.U.C.K.S.?

"JA: It was a job. You do what you gotta do."

Yes, well (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment), thanks for the warning: Just don't expect us to plunk down $10 to see you "do what you gotta do" next time around, 'kay honey? (Averted Gaze) How ... meaningful do you think it is, my keemo sabe's, that her fiance's name is "Cash"?


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In: Craig Newmark. The Newmark-Jarvis venture is drawing major buzz. According to EditorandPublisher:

"Details are slowly starting to crystallize around the online news venture Craigslist founder Craig Newmark mentioned last week at an Oxford University symposium.

"Blogger Jeff Jarvis explained that the project Newmark is involved in as an angel investor is actually the one he signed on with some months ago. At his Buzzmachine blog today, Jarvis pointed readers to a post he made back in May when he announced his departure from Advance.net: 'I will act as editor in chief of a new news start-up founded by Upendra Shardanand (ex Firefly, Microsoft Passport, AOL, and Time Warner) and a sterling team.'

"Jarvis' latest post says the project is still in development and those involved are not ready to talk about it in any detail. But he reveals: 'Our goal is to create a platform to organize the world's news using the best of technology, community, and editors. We see an explosion of interest in and coverage of news from incredibly varied sources around the world and see a need around that.

"'We plan to have a beta in the spring. And as I've blogged before, we will be looking for talent in various areas; we're not ready to take on more folks yet but I'll let you know when we are. And of course, we'll post the jobs on Craigslist!'"

More here.


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Out: Al Sharpton. Even a 'ho's gotta eat! Damn; this -- to paraphrase Ford Maddox Ford -- is the saddest link ever(link via Wonkette), in the Washington Post under the dubious title "loan ranger":

"Al Sharpton, 2004: candidate for president of the United States. Al Sharpton, 2005: pitchman for car title loans.

"Car title lenders give cash to those who own their cars free and clear, with interest rates that can approach 300 percent annually. The lender can repossess and sell the car if the short-term loan is not repaid on time. The controversial practice is permitted in about half the states, and consumer groups are pushing hard for more regulation. 'These are predatory small loans,' said Jean Ann Fox of the Consumer Federation of America.

"'If I felt this is in any way abusive, I would stop doing the ads,' Sharpton said yesterday."

Therin lies the problem with Al: His connoiseur meter is stuck on the Ghetto setting.


Nina Garcia and Vanessa Neumann. (image via nysocialdiary)

In: Nina Garcia. According to Fashionweekdaily, "Nina Garcia receives her U.S. citizenship this Friday." The Corsair wishes the Elle Fashion Director a hearty congratulations.

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