Monday, November 14, 2005

A Little of the Old In and Out


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In: Andrew Sullivan. It's a beautiful day in the blog neighborhood for the former New Republic editor. Buzzworthy blogger-journo Andrew Sullivan's move to the "blog neighborhood" of comes at an interesting time (link via Calacanis via Buzzmachine). According to Sullivan (via NYPost), this deal is the "first to really connect the established independent blogosphere with a big media company ... I have a feeling it won't be the last."

Andrew joins blog neighborhood residents Weblogs Inc in the swishy TimeWarner-AOl community. Since 2000, Sullivan's blog has chronicled his drift towards a more Centrist -- although Andrew would argue that he is simply a true Conservative -- ideology in light of the increasingly religious bent of the Republican Party. Says Sullivan of the move:

"As for the deal, I can simply assure you that I have retained exactly the same editorial control as I have had since the beginning. This is a blog. I won't be running posts before any editors before they appear. I will continue to write simply what I believe or think, however misguided I may be. I will continue to correct any errors in the full light of day and change my mind if new events demand it or new facts compel it. I will try and air counter-arguments as often as possible. In other words: the essence of the blog won't change. You will still like it for the same reasons or hate it for the same reasons; or, as many of you keep telling me, both."



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Out: Al Franken. That all purpose beady-eyed fuckhead and terminally unfunny wannabe Senator of Minnesota has a whole lot of class. Oodles (Averted Gaze). According to our favorite superhero gossip duo Rush and Molloy:

"Air America host Al Franken seemed to be in heat when he saw columnist Arianna Huffington Thursday night.

"Invited by the Creative Coalition to present her with a Spotlight Award, Franken reminded everyone that, during the 1996 campaign, the two collaborated on a Comedy Central routine called 'Strange Bedfellows' � in which they'd trade barbs while tucked between the sheets.

"Back then, he recalled, Huffington was a Republican 'acolyte' of Newt Gingrich. But now that he's 'converted' her to liberalism, Franken felt it was time they really did the deed. Pulling the Greek beauty onto the bed in Esquire's Astor Place show-condo, Franken bellowed, 'We can [bleep] now!'

"A giggling Huffington managed to fend him off."

Charmed, we're sure. (Averted Gaze)


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In: Camilla Al-Fayed. The Camilla Al-Fayed Watch continues apace. When last we heard, the slinky jet-setting daughter of Mohammed Al-Fayed was on her way to intern at Vogue under the watchful eye of Anna Wintour (Or, not). Now, according to Fashionweekdaily, "Camilla Al Fayed is interning with Vogue international fashion director Lottie Oakley for the next two weeks."

Because enquiring minds want to know ...


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Out: Martha Stewart Just Doesn't Fit In. According to Dan Weill of MedialifeMagazine:

"Martha Stewart was widely savaged leading up to and during her criminal trial as the uber-bitch, and the bitch the media then portrayed might have made a wonderful host for the spinoff of NBC's 'Apprentice.'

"Certainly, the network was looking for someone with Donald Trump's power to galvanize. What NBC got was a nice lady.

"The nice lady, Stewart, lacked Trump's bristle, and viewers were far less interested, with ratings weak from the first and never really climbing, despite early signs that viewers might be warming to the domestic divia.

"Result: NBC won�t pick up 'Apprentice: Martha Stewart' for a second season."

Please don't shiv us with a commissary soap knife. Nothing personal. It's just bidness.

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In: Richard Parsons' Internet TV Service. While we reserve the right to continue to blogstalk Larry Kramer of, Dick Parsons continues to amaze. We all know that TV ratings are on skid row because of the distractions of the web and video gaming, among other distractions. So, Parsons et al are bringing television -- well, vintage tv at least -- to the web.

Sounds good. Parmy Olsen of Forbes writes:

"One advantage of running a whopping media emporium is the sense of fraternity. You don't have to shop outside the kith and kin for an alliance, since bilateral agreements can be thrashed out between sister operations.

"So it will be with the free online television service to be launched by AOL. Called In2TV--a name fully in tune with AOL's buddy list lingo--it is to feature programs from fellow Time Warner company Warner Brothers.

"The service, expected to debut early next year, will be organized into six channels, including comedy, drama, and animation. According to media reports, In2TV will offer 3,400 hours of TV programs from Warner Brothers in its first year, then AOL will look to kick things up another notch with a few more thousand hours in following years. Richard D. Parsons' company is reputed to be in talks with other main TV networks about securing rights to their shows. And media reports are speculating that the service, which has been gestating for a couple of years, may not be confined to the U.S.

"One analyst was quoted as saying in a media report the deal was 'a great example of two sister operations with mutual needs being satisfied by the other.'"

The full article here.

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