Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Carolyn Murphy Sex Tape


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2005 Sports Illustarted covergirl Carolyn Murphy's sex tape is in the bumper -- no pun intended. According to RadarOnline:

"... Shot over 17 days during Murphy and Schroeder�s 1999 Barbados honeymoon, the two-hour tape is said to feature the sun-kissed stunner getting acrobatic with the heavily tattooed Schroeder. (A motion picture epic compared with your average celebrity slutfest, that still averages out to a mere 7.0588 minutes of conjugal bliss per 24-hour period. No wonder she left him.)"

"... Sal Abate, owner of ICG�which operates a suite of celebrity porn sites�confirmed that his company has been approached by an 'unnamed source' with the tape but said any deal to distribute it is contingent on the outcome of the Farrell case, which could be resolved as early as next month. (Just in time for Christmas!)

�'Right now things are looking very good in our favor,' Abate said of the courtroom showdown. 'We�re going to really open the floodgates in terms of legal recourse'"

And, of course, floodgates in terms of digital release.

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