Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Ice T on Omarosa: "That bitch is not supposed to be famous"


(image via jlingo)

While we'd rather Ice T complete the long-awaited David Hasselhoff collabo (allegedly entitled "Hassel the Hoff"), we can't say we entirely disagree with his overall assessment of sassy celebreality "star," Omarosa. According to Lloyd Grove:

"Rapper Ice-T tossed scary insults and even a threat at reality-TV she-devil Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth during Heidi Klum's ghoulish gala.

"'I'll tell you who I don't like: Omarosa,' the 'Law & Order: SVU star told Lowdown as he sat upstairs at nightspot Happy Valley in - what else? - pimp regalia. 'That b- is not supposed to be famous. Being somebody in the business, you have a lot of admiration for people because you know how hard they work. But certain people, you're just like, what the f- has that ho done?'"

And that's coming from a former pimp, so you know he knows his 'ho's. (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment) The next question, though, from Lloyd Grove, comes from the crab nebulae or some such cosmic left field thereabouts:

" ... What if he and Lady O were to, um, settle their differences in the sack?

"'I wouldn't wish that on a zombie,' Ice-T replied stonily, rubbing the fishnet-stocking-clad leg of his generously endowed wife, Nicole (Coco) Austin."

Fellini couldn't have scripted that last part better.


Katerina said...

I am stumped. Don't see how that man can insult a woman like that, what with that creature he drags to all the parties after him... Talk about pot calling the kettle black! Or in this case, pot's husband :P

Redstallyun said...

What in the HELL? That bottom of the barrel whore on his arm shouldn't be famous! He was a PIMP, and she's a HO- neither business seems that tough to me. I mean seriously! Wit his lisp, and his booming rap and acting career? I haven't seen too many bitches look as CHEAP as his wife, I mean, she has NO class- have you seen her outfits? And the way he looks like he's proud that she's such a whore? Ugh!

Ron said...