Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Madonna in Camden


"See that girl, watch that scene, dig in the Dancing Queen"(image via Rex via Hello!magazine)

Reports are trickling in like urine down Fergie's pantleg about Madonna's live show at Koko Club in the UK.

Madonna crowdsurfed; Madonna loves New York; Madonna keeps her "mussular" little ass cantelope-hard with a vibrating machine -- de trop! de trop! Then, as if the supergayness wasdn't enough, the topper: Madonna wore velvet culottes and sported Farrah Fawcett locks.


(image via thisislondon)

Says the Telegraph of all this thusness:

"At 47, she has just released the most relentlessly up-beat album in her career of 20-plus years: Confessions on a Dance Floor.

"Packed with samples from 70s disco acts such as Abba and Donna Summer, it is a collection of songs guaranteed to get people on their feet and moving."

Also: pelvic thrusts, high kicks and Peaches Geldoff, the hungry man's Paris Hilton. More here.

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