Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Fergie Urinates on Stage


(link via gawker via Lukas Kaiser)

That Fergie of the Black Eyes Peas is quite a catch, right? A real peach, huh? Well, a real "wet peach" in any event. According to FemaleFirst:

"Black Eyed Peas star Fergie ... has confessed she chews the skin on her hands and wrists when she gets nervous or bored.

"She admitted: 'I bite my skin, too.'

"When she was younger, Fergie's mom tried to stop her habit by smothering her hands in bad-tasting cream. But it didn't work because Fergie, real name Stacey Ferguson, liked the bitter flavour.

"She explained: 'I like the chemical taste.'"

And, evidently, she also likes the sour, sad and wet feeling 'neath the loins. According to LukasKaiser (via jessica and jesse at gawker), who took this off the White Stripes message board:

"The reason why the Black Eyed Peas took the stage so late is because they claim to have been 'stuck in traffic' and that security wouldn't let them in.Anyway, after they took the stage, it was very clear that they were all very hammered.

"So hammered, in fact, that Fergie decided to piss RIGHT ON THE STAGE. No joke. According to radio reports, she moved over out of the spotlight at some point in their set, and just let it go. Without taking her pants off, either."

So, like she needed a private moment to evacuate her bowels. It's not rock and roll unless the lead singer posses herself, right?


(image via LukasKaiser via gawker)

"So, sure enough, when she got back in the spotlight, it was obvious what she'd done. And she just kept on going as if nothing happened."

More photos here.

In other diva bowels reporting from Contactmusic, Whitney Houston preambled the dropping of a "deuce" (link via Drudgereport):

"(Houston) showed off her bloated stomach and affectionately told her husband, 'I'm about to do the doo. I'm about to drop it on the one - a boat load.'"

We're so happy for you, Whit.

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casey said...

omg. i can't believe that she actually peed in her pants. if so, its absolutely disgusting!

Ron said...

filthy!!! hey Case!

casey said...

xoxo Ron : )

Anonymous said...

oh who gives a crap. We've all done crazy, weird, and stupid stuff. LOL I think it's hillarious. But I'm not laughing at her, with her. She's crazy cool.

kristine said...

that's totally sweat, not urine!

Anonymous said...

no, it's piss, for sure

Anonymous said...

If you sweatin like THAT down there- it can't smell right, or be a visitor friendly spot! That is NOT sweat- it's pee- period.

Anonymous said...

I kinda feel bad for her ya know....I'm sure she doesn't care but infront of a crowd you'd have to be embarressed. And i feel bad for the band, its gross.

Anonymous said...

Black "I PEED"

JAMMER said...

Fergie, I'd eat the corn out of your shit...........

Anonymous said...

I've always thought she's a "butta face". Maybe Josh Duhumel likes morning showers.

Anonymous said...

That's just wrong! I heard she admitted to peeing herself on stage though because with the traffic before the show, she didn't have time to go to the bathroom... I would never do that though!

Anonymous said...

if i were FERGIE, and i was already latee, i would quickly go pee in a TOILET i would be so mortified..not so GLAMOROUS anymore huh???

Anonymous said...

I dont feel bad for her at all.

It was her fault for warping her mind before the show, It's her fault she forgot to piss too.

not so glamorous is right.

...Lol, Black I Peed.

Anonymous said...

Idont feel sorri 4 her. shes a fkn idiot for not wearing her nappy on stage!


Anonymous said...

It was a rushed Vaginal Douche or Not to Douche, it feels like you've finished but some just stays behind......quite normal and show what a clean girl I am.

Huggies said...

It's piss, for sure