Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Patrick McMullen's Surprise Party

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McMullen, Amanda Hearst and ... Georgette Mosbacher -- kidding!(image via NYSocialDiary)

Our favorite social chronicler, the great David Patrick Columbia covers Patrick McMullen's surprise party. We're "retouching" on the whole recursive mirror theme of snapping pictures of photographers because, well, we like using the word "meta". It makes this blog enterprise seem more sophisticated and urbane (The Corsair sips a glass of Chateau D'yquem). Says NYSocialDiary:

"Last Saturday night in Southampton Bettina Zilkha, Alice Judelson, Tinsley Mortimer and Nina Garcia hosted a 'surprise' birthday party for Patrick McMullan. It�s hard to believe they kept this thing a 'surprise' especially in this group and especially considering that invitations went out in the mail weeks before to scores of Patrick�s thousands of friends. Besides, if there�s anyone in New York who knows what�s going on when and where at all times, it�s Patrick.

" ... After decades of hard work and diligence, he�s a kind of one man industry and he�s fanned out with several photographers on his team covering the scores of parties that occur in New York on any given week of any given month.

" ... Saturday night was a busy one in the Hamptons and Patrick�s small cadre of professional party photographers had to be fanned out across the South Fork snapping away while the man himself was enjoying his own party."

Photographing photographers is the new ambient. Act like you know.

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