Monday, August 29, 2005

Mickey Rourke, a Model named Alicia and ... Cialis


(image via Newsoftheweek)

Frankly, there are few things in this world that drive The Corsair to abject speechlessness. The Corsair's wined and dined with Kings and Queens, and he's lain in the gutter eating pork and beans. We were born into a diplomatic family Idi Amin's Caligulesque Uganda, so there's nothing -- or so we thought -- nothing! that could phase us. Oh, how wrong we were. We didn't factor in Mickey Rourke's vida loca and the erectile dysfunction wonder drug Cialis:


"'Puddingface' .... Had his visage surgically altered into an amorphous gooseliver pate .." (image via thesun)

This, from the extremely downmarket Newsoftheweek:

"After Mickey (Rourke) met Alicia in London club Movida two weeks ago he told her he had taken new drug Cialis, bragging: 'This is better than Viagra!'"


Class will tell. (image via mark-feehily)

"And model turned singer and dancer Alicia wasn't complaining when she saw the effects�all 9 inches of it!

Blonde Alicia, 25, said: 'When I gasped that it was huge he looked delighted and said: �I know'."

Please dear Lord (in a cracked, faint whisper), make the gossip stop ... make the gossip stop ...

The full monte here.


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