Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Little of the Old In and Out


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In: Patrick McMullan. This photochronicler has juice. While we understand why he took the offending photographs offline, as he has to interact with these publicists daily, we kinda wish he didn't. Still, the fact that they had to beg says something about Patrick McMullan's power. What is The Corsair talking about? According to Fashionweekdaily:

"Dolce & Gabbana publicists were sent into overdrive yesterday as they learned that famed fashion and society shutterbug Patrick McMullan may have inadvertently snapped some photos that would be unrepresentative of the Italian brand. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana had retreated to Bungalow 8 for a private party after a birthday dinner for Gabbana was held at Bette. But while the atmosphere was initially fine for invited guests like Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Jason Pomeranc, Serena Boardman, Stacey Bendet, and Tinsley Mortimer, things got a bit hazy when party crashers not of the Dolce & Gabbana crowd somehow jumped the velvet rope.

"Things got even more fuzzy when certain antics began inside the celebrity-friendly haven.

"Brandon Davis was seen making out with a bevy of models; Marc Jacobs walked in with for-hire escort Jason Preston; and a certain married socialite drew stares as she canoodled with a certain single part-time actor.

"Realizing that the photos�which get picked up by international outlets�might get into the wrong hands, Dolce & Gabbana reps tried to nip the problem in the bud and avoid a PR fracas."

Guesses as to the "certain married socialite"? Who is this certain single part-time actor"? More here.


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Out: Robert Deniro, Hit Man (Again?). Don't get us wrong: We love Deniro. Deniro is an American artist. But there was once a time when Robert Deniro stretched his acting chops to the ultimate limits. He took on the challenging roles. We will never forget breaking down like a bitch in the theater watching Deniro as Father Roderigo Mendoza in "The Mission." Or, for that matter, remember Deniro's astonishing performance as Michael Vronsky in "The Deer Hunter"?

The pendulum swings. Deniro takes on ... "American Express" commercials. (Averted Gaze) According to The Corsair's reckoning, this will be Deniro's sixth role as a mobster. Doood. According to Popwatch:

"Stop the presses! Robert De Niro has signed on for his next film role and -- wait for it -- he's going to play a retired Mafia hitman with a price on his head in an adaptation of Don Winslow's forthcoming novel The Winter of Frankie Machine, according to Variety."

And, according to Variety: "'(Deniro) did say that (he wouldn't play a Mafia character),' (Jane) Rosenthal told Daily Variety. 'But along came Don Winslow, who created a perfect character. The lesson here is, never say never.'"

Come back to us, Bobby D; come back home.


Catie Marron slips into the dark, velvety embrace of political fixer Vernon Jordan. (image via nysocialdiary)

In: Literary Lions Gala. According to our favorite social chronicler, David Patrick Columbia, in NYSocialDiary:

"Last night The New York Public Library held its annual Literary Lions gala, if you�re wondering how I got on to the business of libraries when I was a kid. This is a very snazzy gala and I must admit it has a certain cachet for me because it is staged in the monumental library at 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue with its great stone lions � Fortitude and Patience � sitting outside on the great steps.

"... Gayfryd Steinberg and David Monn decorated the place for the occasion. This has become something of a tradition since they first astonished the Lions guests a few years ago. This year the astonishment continued � they decorated the Astor Hall (which is the large entry hall at the top of the Fifth Avenue steps) with oversized floor lamps. The kind you�d put next to a chair or a sofa where you�d sit and read. And they gave off an orangy-yellow glow, just like the perfect light for diving into a dreaming novel or a history of France. That was where they held cocktails.

"It was black tie and the women were in long dresses. No fashion victims here making look-at-me statements. Uh-uh. This is a crowd of women who know how to dress. Silks and satins and chiffons and laces. Anna Wintour was there, wearing a white fur jacket and long blue dress with a train. She has a very coolish visage, as the world knows, but she nevertheless looks spectacularly smart and maintains the image of what one might conjure up for the editor of Vogue. "

Also in attendance: Candace Bergen, HRH Princess Firyal and Lionel Pincus, Graydon and Anna Carter, Ambassador and Mrs. Felix Rohatyn and, among others, Lally Weymouth. And we thought books were like Kryptonite to a softballer like Lally Weymouth.

The full story and pitctures here.

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