Tuesday, November 22, 2005

George Clooney Grabs Matt Damon's Punk Ass


"... kicked the bass like an NFL punter/ And scoped the booty like a big game hunter" (image via msnbc via warnerbros)

Although the Chattering Classes fairly swoon at the very mention of George Clooney's name, he is not above a little slap and tickle with another man. If you're going to pinch-an-inch, better that it belong to the pretty tushy of Matt Damon, who is almost bitchish. According to TheScoop:

"George Clooney startled some reporters at a press conference for 'Syriana' by grabbing Matt Damon�s behind. 'By the way, Matt Damon has a very nice ass,' Clooney told the journalists.

"One reporter noted that Damon had said that while Clooney was gaining forty pounds for the movie, 'you were a different person, you were constantly depressed.'

�'Well, he was lonely,' Clooney quipped. 'He needed someone to cuddle in Dubai, which, you know, doesn�t go over so well in the Middle East.'"

Freak! Enquiring minds want to know, though: As the ass cheeks were being goosed, Did Matt Damon emit a high-pitched bitchsqueak?

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