Monday, November 07, 2005

50 Cent: "(Mariah Carey's) Not Considered Black"


(image via ananova)

50 Cent didn't let the bullet fragment lodged in his tongue stop him from spitting some especially toxic venom on the Stern Show this morning. Although Mariah Carey's interracial background is well known (Mom: Irish; dad: Venezuelan, African-American), Fitty Cent, on The Howard Stern Show said, definitively, when asked about the question of Mariah Carey's race: "No. She's not considered black."

Earlier, the Amateur Ethnographer with a Ph.D from the School of Hard Knocks dismissed Ja Rule, talking greezy, by stating that Rule doesn't write lyrics with "edge." And, on the subject of the newly convicted Lil Kim, Fitty said she is, "hip-hop's version of a slut ... she's a porn star ... she's totally a slut. That's who she was created to be. She's forgotten she was a slut."

With a last, ill-timed blast of misogyny to close things off: "Kim, you're a slut. That's who Biggie made you to be."

Evidently, 5 Mics from The Source for an incredible pre-incarceration "spit-from-the-gut" CD means nothing to Fitty. (Averted Gaze) Also in the show, Fitty broke the unwritten code of film by graphically describing how much he enjoyed his love scene in "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" with Joy Bryant.


The A-List actresses will no doubt be begging their agents to be cast as Fitty's next co-star.


Tiger Lilly said...

50 is just upset because he is on minute 14.

Redstallyun said...

Fifty is a cocky son of a bitch I swear! He's always talkin bout somebody- I ain't sayin he shoulda died from the bullets- but you'd think he'd come down a peg or two. It's waaayyyy more talented people than him out here- he's startin to SUCK in all actuality. His lyrics are a bunch a bullshit- they have no substance. He tried to dis Kanye- sayin he's "non-confrontational"- Kanye makes you confront YOURSELF on a whole lotta levels- I can't even tell you what song 50 got out right now- I know Candyshop SUCKED!!!

Tiger Lilly said...

OH! and why was he tripping on Ja Rule for sing rapping when all he does now is sing rap??? I guess he realizes times a wasting and he better make a mark (even if it's a skid mark) while he can.

Anonymous said...

50 cent is such a hater !! he's a bitch ! he thinks he's always the gansta "the one that got shot" but not ! he's always talking about artists!

50 cent u suck!

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