Thursday, November 17, 2005

Paris Hilton, Cruel to Dumb Animals


Paris and Baby Luv, the Little Kinkajou that could ..(image via photos1 via addict3d via justjared)

Paris Hilton shouldn't be cruel to a dumb animal because karmic retribution is a bitch. According to Popbitch:

"Now that Michael Jackson has fled to Bahrain, Paris Hilton is filling the 'crazy celebrity with monkey' void by walking around Los Angeles with her pet primate, called Baby Luv. However, when she visited Agent Provocateur, Baby Luv went bananas, biting Paris and clawing at her face. Paris' calmly tied the monkey to a cabinet, then bought $400 of pants."

(A considerable pause) This news makes us long for the days when false rumors were bandied about that Joe Jackson shot "Bubbles" with a .45 after he happened upon the chimp socialite and Michael sharing a lurid post-coital cigarette.

If Kathy Hilton had done the same to her "pet primate" untold years ago then none of us would have had to endure the inanity of her porn tape.

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