Monday, November 07, 2005

Kate's Post Rehab Ibiza Photo Shoot


(image via newsoftheworld)

It's almost like a postmodern Preminger movie set in a post-Apocalyptic future ruled by the Id-directed Arnold Schwarzenegger. (The Corsair pops open some of "the fizzy") A supermodel gets caught in a backstage cocaine video, and her modeling contracts disintegrate along with the dodgy relationship with her ex rent-boy, crackheaded manwhore. Post-rehab, what's the waifish supermodel to do? Why -- Roberto Cavalli (cue: cheesy Italian catwalk music), of course. Sashay, shantay! According to the extremely downmarket NewsoftheWorld:

"The supermodel checked out of the �2,000-a-night Meadows Clinic in Arizona just over a week ago following a month of treatment for her cocaine habit.

"And on Tuesday she returned to work on this modelling shoot in Ibiza after flying in secretly from the States.

"This preview shot from Roberto Cavalli's spring and summer collection 2006 shows the 31-year-old back at her best

"... Kate is staying in a luxury villa there with her daughter Lila, three. The model and her 30-strong entourage were driven to the island's most picturesque spots for the shoot.

"A source close to the star said: 'Since coming out of rehab Kate has been offered loads of contracts and has been flying around Europe doing various shoots.

"'Kate has a busy workload over the next six weeks in Los Angeles, New York and Paris.'"

The full story here.

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