Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tamara Mellon to Take Part in Kid Rock's Trailer Trash Wedding


(image via jsonline)

Nothing suggests classy more than attending a wedding where the bridesmid actually fucked the groom, no? That's some Old School shit right there. Alleged socialite and former "tender" to the frequently felonious Kid Rock, Tamara "Hi Sailor" Mellon will indeed be taking a part in the biggest Tariler Trash wedding since Briney Spears decided to thaw out the chicken fingers and followed up promptly by a post-nuptual club crawl with the guests (Averted Gaze). According to the 3AMGirls, Hep-C poster girl Pammie is quite tolerant:

"THESE showbiz types are an incestuous lot - none more so than Pamela Anderson, who has asked fiance Kid Rock's ex Tamara Mellon to be her bridesmaid.

"Pammy, 39, ties the knot with Kid, 35, in St Tropez on Saturday and wanted her new bezzie mate, Jimmy Choo designer Tammy, to have a part in the proceedings.

"... Mellon - who has also stepped out with Robbie Williams - started dating Kid after meeting him at Elton and David's wedding in December. But she dumped him two months later after he became embroiled in a sex-tape scandal. Which makes him and Pammy perfect for each other...

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