Wednesday, July 26, 2006

George Michael's "Father Figure" Won't Stop Wedding


Any port in a storm. (image via newsoftheworld)

Frankly, we don't care that George Michaels likes to rustle up a bit of sweet ass from time to time (Or, to be more accurate, sour ass). But the whole sex-in-a-public-park-after-midnight kind of escapes us (just as the Beverly hills public restroom did), especially when you have Wham! money. Still, it looks like a little bit of cruising won't thwart George Michaels' nuptual plans. According to Thisislondon:

"George Michael yesterday denied that his long-term partner Kenny Goss called off their wedding because he was caught 'cruising'.

"... The 43-year-old also hit out at claims of a romp with a pot-bellied van driver on Hampstead Heath, North London.

"'I have got no issue with cruising, I've talked about it many times... they are making me look like the gay Wayne Rooney,' he said.

"'It's dark up there but it's not that dark. I've no idea who that guy was, but thank you very much whoever he was.'

"Michael has admitted in the past that he has an open relationship with Mr Goss, 48, his lover of ten years."

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