Wednesday, July 05, 2006

David Chase's Last Suppers

(image via dutchsopranos)

All is set for tomorrow's table read for the final episodes of "The Soprano's." According to Backstage:

"There won't be a need for any premature whacking of characters when 'The Sopranos' returns next year for its final eight episodes.

"After lengthy and acrimonious negotiations, Tony Sirico and Steven Van Zandt -- the last key actors without new deals -- reached an agreement with HBO on Friday to continue on the Emmy-winning series.

"Under the new pact, Sirico and Van Zandt will be paid more than double their most recent per-episode fee of $75,000, sources said."

More than 150 large is, sadly, a fraction of what Ray Romano made per episode on the noxious "Everybody Loves Raymond." Still, better that than a "Last Supper," as Lorraine Bracco explains in her new book "On The Couch":

"On The Soprano's you always get advance notice when you're going to get killed. It's horrible! David (Chase) calls you and tells you you're going to get whacked or whatever, and we heard from those who have been there that you instinct is to get down on your knees and beg for your life."

How very fucking meta. Actor in a mob drama begs ther shows creator for the life of his character. We imagine David Chase responding, disgustedly, "You hear a little girl, Gandolfini? Is that a little girl, Jimmy? Is that a little fuckin' girl?" And you know that for dessert they bring the canoli's. More:

"Nobody wants to leave the show. During the first year if your character was getting killed off, David would take you out to a 'Last Supper.' Now, you get killed first and get taken out to dinner second, so the press doesn't catch on."

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