Monday, July 17, 2006

Picture Pages, Picture Pages ...

Lindsay Lohan's expert ministrations at extinguishing her 20th birthday candle suggests a more than passing familiarity with ... Blowing (Averted Gaze). (image via wireimage)

Jason Binn is on the Terror Watch List for, among other socialmisdemeanors, hijacking photographs far and wide across the Hamptons. (image via wireimage)

In the interest of science Dave Navarro and Tommy Lee prepare to create a controlled ecosystem populated entirely by penicilin-resitant microbes. (image via aolcelebrity)

Doughy celebrity sycophant James Lipton makes himself right at home in the all-too-appropriately named Sag Harbor (Averted Gaze). (image via wireimage)


Won't someone please fetch this man a robust multivitamin? (Image via wireimage)

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