Saturday, July 01, 2006

What Will Tori Inherit?

(image via americanphoto)

At any given time of the day The Corsair is busy pondering The Great Questions, namely: Is there Life after Death? And, if so, what must one do to Attain it? What is Time? What was up with Robert Downey Junior's shirt in that man-whore scene in "Less Than Zero."

I'm just saying. (image via 80sreborn)

And, now: What will Tori inherit?

According to Us Magazine -- and that's really the only source one needs in these matters -- it is not inconceiveable that Tori could wind up with nothing. She also apparently learned of her father's death via email from a friend. her Mom didn't bother to tell her before alerting the media. Did Candy Spelling get to Aaron Spelling? Is Candy seeing the dubious "businessman" Mark Nathanson? Did Aaron ultimately forgive Tori for the rift?

That's the question we need to be asking ourselves going in to the star-studded funeral (And, Oh, What a Hollywood-Power-Funeral That Will Be; who sits where?).

--That, and how will Russia bring off the G-8 Conference.

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