Monday, July 17, 2006

Diane Von Furstenberg Verus Joseph Abboud for CFDA Prexy


(image via newsday)

Pity poor arriviste designer Joseph Abboud (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment). If conventional wisdom whispered about the ethers among the Fashionable Set is to be believed, Abboud's about to have his well-tailored ass handed to him in a sling at Noon Eastern time. (Averted Gaze) Of the acutely interesting Von Furstenberg-Abboud race for CFDA President, the Old Gray Lady said:

"It is not that choosing a new president of the Council of Fashion Designers of America for the first time in 16 years is inconsequential. The leader of the council, the fashion trade group, must promote the cause of American designers on a global stage, combat fashion piracy, mediate the disputes of creative egos, champion struggling younger talents and coddle struggling older talents.

"But on those issues both candidates agree on almost all details. So the race comes down to a popularity contest, a student council election by a group of internationally famous fashion designers. Will it be Joseph Abboud, the designer of professorial, earth-toned men�s wear with personal experience in career crisis management? Or will it be Diane Von Furstenberg, the princess of prints who has the more famous brand and a firmly established power base?"


Abboud, hero of lumpenproletariat fashion designers. (image via bridgeport)

Says Kim Hastreiter, articulating the Fashion Establishment opinion, at Papermag:

"Today is the day that the CFDA will elect a new president and the battle for the top position is heated. Its the glamorous Diane Von Furstenburg who is running against menswear designer Joseph Abboud for the top spot. At noon today, the council will meet up at the Conde Nast offices to cast their vote. Of course in my opinion this is a no brainer that Diane Von Furstenberg should be elected to this position. Mr. Abboud may have alot of time to dedicate to working on the CFDA...maybe more than Diane does, but Diane has a huge glamour and money connection factor that could really elevate the CFDA from an administrative fashion organization back into being a true industry player that will ultimately help American fashion globally."

It's like The Head Cheerleader versus the President of the Mathletes.

We expect Abboud to begin giving bitchy quotes attacking the cool kids at around 12:01 Eastern time.

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