Thursday, July 27, 2006

William F. Buckley, Jr: "There Will be No Legacy For (President) Bush"


(image via chrisbuck)

Is this the beginning of a Republican Party crack-up? Those hale and hearty Cold Warriors are tossing roundhouse haymakers at each other. Just when you thought the frisson between the Burkeans and the Churchillians couldn't get more icy, William F. Buckley. Jr., the granddaddy of modern American Conservatism, spoke to the venerable CBSNews from his summer home in Stanford, Connecticut, essentially writing the President out of the Movement. To wit:

"There will be no legacy for Mr. Bush (because he is) incapable of bringing such forces as were able to bring the war to its conclusion."

Brusque, to be sure. The bitchslap was delivered with a frosty rhetorical precision. 15-Love, Burkeans.